Maritime Territory

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Maritime Territory


Primorsky Kray

(prēmôr`skē krī), administrative division (1992 pop. 2,309,000), c.64,900 sq mi (168,100 sq km), Russian Far East, between China (Manchuria or the Northeast) in the west and the Sea of Japan in the east. VladivostokVladivostok
, city (1989 pop. 634,000), capital of Maritime Territory (Primorsky Kray), Russian Far East, on a peninsula that extends between two bays of the Sea of Japan.
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 is the capital. The population (constituting 50% of the people of the Russian Far East) is predominantly Russian, Ukrainian, and Belarusian, with small indigenous ethnic groups. The territory's coastal mountain range contains coal, iron ore, lead, zinc, lignite, tin, and silver. Fisheries (salmon and sardines) are located along the shore. An agricultural plain with millet and rice crops extends along the Chinese border. The Trans-Siberian RR links Vladivostok with UssuriyskUssuriysk
, city (1989 pop. 158,000), Maritime Territory, Russian Far East, on the Suyfun River. It is a coal-mining center and a Trans-Siberian RR junction. A direct rail line to the Manchurian city of Harbin runs from Ussuriysk.
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, the territory's other major city. For history of the Maritime Territory, see Russian Far EastRussian Far East,
formerly Soviet Far East,
federal district (1989 est. pop. 7,941,000), c.2,400,000 sq mi (6,216,000 sq km), encompassing the entire northeast coast of Asia and including the Sakha Republic, Maritime Territory (Primorsky Kray), Khabarovsk Territory,
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Aquino cited China's sanctions on the Philippines on tourism, banana importation and others when his administration fought for the Philippines' maritime territory in the South China Sea and West Philippine Sea.
Hermogino said the exercise aims to test their capability in responding to oil spills since the Philippine maritime territory in the South China Sea is one of the busiest routes for oil tankers.
Lacson surmised that the Duterte administration officials may have failed to foresee that they may need to wage a legal battle to assert sovereign rights over maritime territory.
He added the Kingdom of Bahrain last year declared that 1336 square km of its maritime territory as a natural reserve area to preserve the wildlife and coral reefs.
The decision by the Republic of Somalia to secretly invite a Norwegian oil firm to prospect for oil in the maritime territory they are claiming from Kenya is one of the most dangerous challenges to the survival of the Kenyan nation ever.
Bangladesh should accelerate its efforts to harness huge potentials of blue economy to attain double digit GDP growth as its maritime territory is rich with huge precious natural resources, living and non-living, according to experts, reports BSS.
The short two-panel argument appears to echo the real life dispute between the Philippines and China regarding maritime territory.
About 856 square kilometers of disputed maritime territory lie in Block 8, the largest disputed area.
Despite repeated warnings by a Taiwanese Coast Guard patrol boat to leave Taiwan maritime territory, the crews of the Chinese fishing boats refused and hurled rocks at the Taiwanese vessel.
Multiple media outlets in Pakistan today were provided grainy footage of what the Pakistan Navy claimed was evidence of an Indian submarine entering Pakistani maritime territory. The Pakistani navy spokesman also said that their navy de-escalated a possible maritime confrontation with India.
The Ministry of National Defense is the Government entity statutorily responsible to ensure the provision of national security within the territorial confines of the Republic of Liberia, charged with the full management of the Armed Forces of Liberia, which is directly responsible for the protection of the national sovereignty, including land, air and maritime territory, against external aggressions, insurgency, terrorism and encroachment.

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