Maritime Provinces

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Maritime Provinces



Canada, term applied to Nova ScotiaNova Scotia
[Lat.,=new Scotland], province (2001 pop. 908,007), 21,425 sq mi (55,491 sq km), E Canada. Geography

One of the Maritime Provinces, Nova Scotia comprises a mainland peninsula and, across the Canso Strait, the adjacent Cape Breton Island.
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, New BrunswickNew Brunswick,
province (2001 pop. 729,498), 28,345 sq mi (73,433 sq km), including 519 sq mi (1,345 sq km) of water surface, E Canada. Geography

One of the Maritime Provinces, New Brunswick is bounded on the N by Chaleur Bay and Quebec prov.
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, and Prince Edward IslandPrince Edward Island,
province (2001 pop. 135,294), 2,184 sq mi (5,657 sq km), E Canada, off N.B. and N.S. Geography

One of the Maritime Provinces, Prince Edward Island lies in the Gulf of St.
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, which before the formation of the Canadian confederation (1867) were politically distinct from Canada proper.
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Through the social and intellectual pathways cut by this network, with the conspicuous influence of Maritimers, English-speaking Catholics created a counterweight to the francophone dominated Quebec church, perhaps giving body to Bishop John Cameron's quip that Catholics endeavoured to "ride the Dominion horse." (4)
Of Canada's first eleven prime ministers, four were Maritimers. No one from this region has served as prime minister since R.B.
These and other incidents would seem to suggest that, even in the elemental world of Maritimers, life is not always as it seems on the surface.
According to Christine Ramsay, Goin' Down the Road occupies a central place in Canadian film scholarship not because it is about losers but because it exemplifies "an empathetic engagement with marginality." (8) While Ramsay's comparison of the construction of nation with the construction of masculinity is compelling, I believe that Shebib's film is so full of gross stereotypes and misinformation that it cannot be emblematic of any form of marginality be it exiled Maritimers and/or emasculated working class men.
You're a Maritimer, and no doubt were raised on beans, biscuits, and a bowl of molasses for dessert; wholesome stuff that, and good for the colon.
When I got back at the end of the winter 2003 my friend, a Canadian Maritimer named Dan Kelly, director of the Mine Action Program for Afghanistan, invited me to dinner with a Canadian officer who had come to discuss Canada's participation in ISAF.
"In about half an hour they were completely broken up," the Maritimer, Laurence Colpitts, recorded.
Carder accepted that English-speaking Protestant Upper Canadians, French Catholics, Irishmen and Maritimers would all need to be represented in the councils of the political nation; were he alive today, he would no doubt modify his list to include women, Indigenous people and visible minorities.
In Their Own Words: Three Maritimers Experience the Great War, 1914-1918
In Their Own Words, Three Maritimers Experience the Great War.
It could be a cause for irritation, but maritimers have learned to appreciate these white-outs and have even named a summer music festival in its honour - Fog Fest.
Because although maritimers and marine mammals are beset by challenges, the sea forms a bond stronger than any glue, and inhabitants share one thing in common - an ability NEED TO KNOW | For more information on visiting New Brunswick, go to | For more information on visiting Canada, go to