Maritime Provinces

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Maritime Provinces



Canada, term applied to Nova ScotiaNova Scotia
[Lat.,=new Scotland], province (2001 pop. 908,007), 21,425 sq mi (55,491 sq km), E Canada. Geography

One of the Maritime Provinces, Nova Scotia comprises a mainland peninsula and, across the Canso Strait, the adjacent Cape Breton Island.
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, New BrunswickNew Brunswick,
province (2001 pop. 729,498), 28,345 sq mi (73,433 sq km), including 519 sq mi (1,345 sq km) of water surface, E Canada. Geography

One of the Maritime Provinces, New Brunswick is bounded on the N by Chaleur Bay and Quebec prov.
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, and Prince Edward IslandPrince Edward Island,
province (2001 pop. 135,294), 2,184 sq mi (5,657 sq km), E Canada, off N.B. and N.S. Geography

One of the Maritime Provinces, Prince Edward Island lies in the Gulf of St.
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, which before the formation of the Canadian confederation (1867) were politically distinct from Canada proper.
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The most dramatic turn of events was the consecration of Maritimers to episcopal sees west of the Ottawa River.
8) While Ramsay's comparison of the construction of nation with the construction of masculinity is compelling, I believe that Shebib's film is so full of gross stereotypes and misinformation that it cannot be emblematic of any form of marginality be it exiled Maritimers and/or emasculated working class men.
Most Maritimers, however, deemed socialism as a foreign idea "from away" and most of the region's clergymen fiercely rejected it.
Educating the next generation of maritimers is a priority for all seafaring countries and in Bahrain we are working to educate the next generation - men and women,' she added.
Accordingly, while 64% of Canadians binge drink at least once a year, 73% of Maritimers do so--a significantly greater proportion than everywhere else in Canada except Alberta (64%) and Saskatchewan (64%).
As Waddell points out in his review, defence reporter Lambie's On Assignment in Afghanistan: Maritimers at War is a slickly produced pictorial tribute, and again not intended to present a broader understanding of the regional challenges.
And, like many Maritimers, we both wound up working someplace else, far from our homes, which leads to my second connection.
Acadians may have had closer contacts with the Mi'kmaq than did most anglophone Maritimers and Newfoundlanders, but there remained a vast distance between the two communities, one that could only be bridged with acts of kindness and fraternity, on rare occasions when people managed to overcome their traditional suspicion.
FOR more than 100 years, thousands of Middle Eastern maritimers came to South Shields to work in the Tyne's shipbuilding industry.
In the end, it's the consumer who suffers, but until provinces are prepared to consider privatizing the liquor industry completely, let's hope silly 100-year-old trade disputes don't cause Maritimers to go to pot.
Maritimers have little knowledge of the dangers involved with shipping of liquefied natural gas, which will be coming our way from countries such as Russia, Algeria, Qatar, and Trinidad.
This session provides an overview from the perspective of truckers, maritimers, airlines, and industry intermediaries.