Mark Aleksandrovich Shcheglov

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Shcheglov, Mark Aleksandrovich


Born Oct. 27, 1925, in Chernigov; died Sept. 2, 1956, in Novorossiisk. Soviet critic and literary scholar.

Shcheglov graduated from the philology department of Moscow State University in 1953. His work on Soviet authors includes articles on V. V. Ivanov, S. P. Antonov, and L. Leonov’s novel Russian Forest; his work on the classical heritage includes articles on L. N. Tolstoy, F. M. Dostoevsky, and A. A. Blok. Shcheglov was also the author of critical-theoretical articles, such as “Realism in Contemporary Drama” (published 1956), “Faithfulness to Details” (published 1957), and “The Literary Sketch and Its Characteristics” (published 1958). His works reveal his subtle taste, public-minded spirit, and extensive knowledge of philology. Shcheglov’s diaries and letters were published in 1963 under the title Student Notebooks and became widely known.


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