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John Mark:

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[Lat. Marcus], Christian apostle, traditional author of the 2d Gospel (see Mark, Gospel according to). His full name was John Mark. His mother, named Mary, had a house in Jerusalem, which the Christians used as a meeting place. Mark accompanied St. Paul and St.
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The famous androgyny of Burne-Jones's female figures is taken to the point where he uses his regular model Maria Zambaco - a favourite to the extent that he had an adulterous affair with her - as a model for St Mark the Evangelist.
Mark the Evangelist, who died on 24 April 1428, and who ruled in a most praiseworthy fashion for 23 years and 4 months.
Mark the Evangelist Parish in Plano, Texas and recent president of the National Association of Catholic Family Life Ministers.
Why is it only relatively late that a connection between Mark the evangelist and Mark of the New Testament is made?
The Roman Catholic Church marks on Thursday, April 25, the Feast of Saint Mark the Evangelist (San Marcos Evangelista), the author of the second Gospel of the Holy Bible and the founder of Christianity in Africa.