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IJsselmeer (īˈsəlmārˌ), shallow freshwater lake, NW Netherlands, bordering on the provinces of North Holland, Flevoland, and Friesland. It was formed from the old Zuider Zee by the construction of a dam (completed 1932). The dam, 19 mi (31 km) long, has navigation locks and drainage sluices (which control the lake's level) and carries a roadway connecting North Holland with Friesland. The IJssel River, from which the lake takes its name, is the chief feeder of the IJsselmeer.

Considerable areas have been reclaimed from the former Zuider Zee since 1930, when the reclamation of Wieringermeer (part of North Holland) was completed. The largest of the reclaimed areas is the Northeast Polder (185 sq mi/479 sq km), which with Eastern and Southern Flevoland (all reclaimed after 1937) now is part of the province of Flevoland (est. 1986). Parts of the polders were flooded in World War II but have since been salvaged.

The shallow southwestern end of the IJsselmeer, now called the Markermeer, was separated from the lake by the construction of a dam and was originally intended to be reclaimed as well. The IJsselmeer and Markermeer are important freshwater fishing grounds, but silting in the Markermeer decreased water quality. Beginning in 2016, several artificial islands with wetlands were constructed in the Markermeer near the dam to improve water quality and increase wildlife habitat.

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Following a welcome glass of bubbly and light refreshments, we set sail from our berth close to Amsterdam's Centraal Station for the town of Hoorn, located on the western shore of the Markermeer where we spent the night following a seven-course Captain's Dinner.
Fitch has also affirmed Markermeer Finance B.V.'s GBP530 million term loan B (TLB) and GBP75 million revolving credit facility (RCF) expected senior secured ratings of 'BB-(EXP)'/'RR2'.
DUTCH ranger Andre Donker sighs as he looks out at the rippling grey waters of the Markermeer, one of Europe's largest freshwater lakes.
The vast expanse of Markermeer lake was until recently nothing more than a cloudy mass devoid of aquatic life.
With calls in Hoorn and Zaandam on the reclaimed Markermeer, and a visit to famous Keukenhof Gardens included.
With calls in Volendam and Zaandam on the reclaimed Markermeer, and a visit to famous Keukenhof Gardens included.
With calls in Volendam and Zaandam on the reclaimed Markermeer, and a visit to famous Keukenhof Gardens included, plus the chance to discover royal Het Loo Palace, these cruises are irresistible.
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Reassessment of the Markermeer project led to the decision not to continue in the short term (when a new polder was being planned for the space the lake now occupies).
Doing business for more than three decades, Diepvries Monnickendam BV (DIMO) has invested a great deal of money in developing a sophisticated processing plant on the west bank of the Markermeer. Specializing in flat fish varieties, DIMO posted another successful year in 1991 despite the shortage of certain raw materials.