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The marketing tips section contains a cover letter for a training proposal; a Job Issues course syllabus; information on customized training costs; a letter of agreement; and sample billing materials.
Other features include customised storefronts and logos, secure order management and a merchant resource centre that provides sales and marketing tips and services.
"We received a lovely letter thanking us for drawing her attention to the concept and offering us best wishes and marketing tips for the future of our business."
He recently distilled much of his experience into a small book called "99 Software Direct Marketing Tips," which--in addition to a remarkable amount of hands-on advice--contains several key direct mail benchmarks drawn from Mirbach's own campaigns.
Throughout the publication readers will find cut flower growing and harvesting tips as well as marketing tips. Learn how to present cut flowers for market, discover the benefits of single stemmed or branched sunflowers, find out how to and when to cut your flowers, and more.
It is an opportunity to gain useful marketing tips, and network with owners, directors and key decision-makers in the area.
Read her blog for more marketing tips at
This practical EBay selling guide contains marketing tips designed to help both novice and full-time sellers "take their business to the next level." Ennico is a lawyer who specializes in small businesses, and he pairs with Shelby, an expert on eBay selling strategies, to provide tips on identifying and reaching ideal customers, selling high-quality and "appropriate" products, taking advantage of eBay services and features and building a respected online profile.
Every two weeks, Jay Nagdeman of Suasion Resources, Inc., brings his sales and marketing advice to our online readers through his Marketing Tips in the LIS QuickTips e-newsletter.
Enhanced with the inclusion of literary holidays to celebrate, goal planning suggestions, monthly task lists, pages for conference notes, listings of author birthdays, and extra pages for note taking such as marketing tips and email addresses, this new 2008 edition has been expanded to include a reproducible submission tracker form specifically designed for novice authors and professional freelancers seeking to keep track of manuscript and book proposal submissions to publishers; pages for phone numbers and for tracking writing expenses, plus fifty-three new inspirational and thoughtful essays by successful writers.
With a company site that receives approximately 8,000 unique views per month, Gluzberg offers a host of Web design and marketing tips to art and framing companies.

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