Markian Shashkevich

Shashkevich, Markian Semenovich


Born Nov. 6, 1811, in the Village of Podles’e, in what is now Zolochev Raion, L’vov Oblast; died June 7, 1843, in Novoselki, in what is now Busk Raion, L’vov Oblast. Ukrainian poet. Pioneer of the new Ukrainian literature in the Western Ukraine.

Shashkevich was a village priest. Together with I. N. Vagilevich and Ia. F. Golovatskii, he headed a literary society of progressive youth in L’vov that came to be called the Russian Trinity (Rus’ka Triitsia). He initiated the publication of the journal The Dnestr Water Nymph (1837), to which he also contributed.

Shashkevich’s lyrical poems, ballads, and historical narrative poems are patriotic and vividly romantic.

Shashkevich, an advocate of political unity for all Ukrainian lands, urged his people to preserve and develop their native language and culture. He glorified the heroic past of the Ukrainian people.


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