Markos Augeres

Augeres, Markos


(pseudonym of Georgos Papa-dopoulos). Born 1884, in Ioannina. Greek writer, critic, and publicist.

Augeres received an education as a physician, but beginning in 1903 he published poems in the journal Noumas. Among his works are a social drama entitled Before the People (staged in 1904) and a collection of verse, Bass and Tambour (1907). As one of the first Marxist critics in Greece, Augeres published books on the creative works of K. Palamas (1943), T. S. Eliot (1951), and A. Sikelianos (1953). He also wrote articles about D. Solomos, A. Kal-vos, A. Papadiamandis, and F. M. Dostoevsky.


Kritika—Aisthetika—ldeologika. [No place,] 1959.
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