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Markov reminded that one million refugees and internally displaced persons live in Azerbaijan.
Keywords: system controlled by computer, dependability, optimization qualitative and quantitative, truth table, Karnaugh table, reduced Markov graph
Note that most of the theoretical works related to Markov jump systems in the literatures concentrated on the case where the state space of the Markov chain is finite.
Keywords: Image Classification, Principal Component Analysis, Markov Logic, Satellite Images and Tropical Cyclones.
Markov Processes and Markov Chains; Transition Probability Matrix
Markov, who had been a novelist and playwright in his native country, walked across Waterloo Bridge spanning the River Thames, and waited at a bus stop to take a bus to his job at the BBC.
In his work, the parametric models include the standard regime switching and the Markov regime switching, whereas the non-parametric are the nearest-neighbor and the artificial neural network models.
But that is what happened to Bulgarian dissident Georgi Markov on September 11, 1978.
Various types of dependence, such as Markov dependence [6-8], redundant dependence, [9,10], common cause failure [11-13], sequence-dependent failures (Xing et al.
The partial sum of the states of a Markov chain or more generally a Markov source is asymptotically normally distributed under suitable conditions.
Markov urges the authorities to raise the subsidy from 600 to 1,000 denars per bee family and to provide conditions for expanding the land on which honey plants are grown
Kircho Markov was due to stand trial yesterday accused of peering over the top of a cubicle wall at a woman, while she was in the ladies' toilets at Mecca Bingo in Stockton.