Markov, Sergei

Markov, Sergei Leonidovich


Born July 7(19), 1878; died June 12, 1918, in Shablievka station, now in Sal’sk Raion, Rostov Oblast. White Guard military figure; lieutenant general (1917). Son of dvorian’e (nobility or gentry).

Markov graduated from the Academy of the General Staff in 1904. He took part in the Russo-Japanese War of 1904-05, served on the General Staff from 1908 until 1911, and then taught at the Academy of the General Staff. During World War I he held staff positions. In April 1917 he became second quarter-master general of the staff of the supreme commander, and in June he became chief of staff of the Western Front and in August chief of staff of the Southwestern Front under General A. I. Denikin. He was arrested for participating in the Kornilov mutiny, but in November 1917 he fled across the Don and took part in forming the Volunteer Army. He commanded the army’s 3rd Officers Regiment (February-May 1918) and the 1st Infantry Division (from June). He was killed in battle. In the Volunteer Army both the 1st Officers Regiment and later the 1st Infantry Division were named after Markov.