Maro Egishevna Markarian

Markarian, Maro Egishevna


Born Dec. 9 (22), 1916, in Shulavery, present-day settlement of Shaumiani, Marneul Raion, Georgian SSR. Soviet Armenian poet.

Markarian was the daughter of a peasant. She graduated from the department of literature at the University of Yerevan in 1938. Her works began to appear in print in 1935. She has written the poetry collections Closeness (1940), Poems (1945), Mother’s Voice (1950; Russian translation, 1952), Pshateni (1954), Lyrical Dawn (1957), and Satiated Silence (1972). Her homeland and the happiness of motherhood are the main themes of her poems, which are laconic, emotional, and direct. She has translated verse by S. A. Esenin and S. V. Mikhalkov into Armenian. Markarian has been awarded the Order of the Badge of Honor.


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