althaea officinalis

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A great skin herb with numerous medicinal benefits, especially in soothing the mucus membranes and respiratory tract. Helps counteract excess stomach acid, peptic ulcers and gastritis. Has laxative properties and soothes irritated or inflamed mucus membranes to help heal intestinal issues like colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, diverticulitis, cystitis and frequent urination. Helps with bronchitis, urinary and digestive system irritations, asthma and inflamed skin, boils, abscesses. Used for all kinds of skin conditions like skin ulcers etc. Soothes sore throat or hoarseness from talking, yelling or singing too much. The leaves can be eaten right off the plant or in salads. The roots are very high in sugar, so diabetics should avoid the root.
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Bones are made from dipping pretzels with a marsh-mallow on each end into white chocolate almond bark.
The marsh-mallow texture of a well-made semifreddo is divine.
Lefkes Moschofilero 2011 (pounds 8.49) is a fine, honey-scented dry white with almost a whiff of marsh-mallow, yet is bone dry and crisply refreshing.
Next to chocolate bunnies, perhaps the most iconic Easter candies are the marsh-mallow Peeps from Bethlehem, Pa.-based Just Born.
is capitalizing on the popularity of chocolate with milk or dark chocolate versions of its iconic Peeps and Peeps Peepsters candies as well as Peeps chocolate mousse-flavor marsh-mallow bunnies.
However, get some woman done up like the Stay Puft Marsh-mallow Man from Ghostbusters with 24-carat gold disco-ball deeley-boopers on her head to do it and - hey presto!
bowl, place dacquoise and top with marsh-mallow rectangle Arrange
Consider, for example, Mischel's famous "marsh-mallow studies." In these experiments, preschool children chose between a smaller treat they could have right away and a larger treat that required waiting.
The Marsh-mallow range from Collection 2000 is good enough to eat with shades including lime cordial lipstick from 99p.
With him grafting away, the Welsh pack will no longer be dismissed as the marsh-mallow men.
Gone is the marsh-mallow ride with too much vertical movement and high roll angles during cornering.
"get soothed" Herb Tea for Scratchy Throats feature marsh-mallow root and licorice, which soothe and coat the throat.