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1 City (1990 pop. 12,711), seat of Saline co., N central Mo.; inc. 1839. In a large farm area, it is a processing center for grain, eggs, meat, and dairy products. Marshall is the seat of Missouri Valley College. George Caleb BinghamBingham, George Caleb,
1811–79, American painter and politician, b. Augusta co., Va. His family moved (1819) to Missouri, which was the site of most of Bingham's activities. In 1837 he studied for a short time at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts.
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 lived there.

2 City (1990 pop. 23,682), seat of Harrison co., E Tex., in a pine-covered hill and lake area; inc. 1844. Live-oak-shaded streets and mansions recall the plantation past of the city, which manufactures stoneware pottery, ceramic tiles, and chemicals. It is the seat of East Texas Baptist Univ. and Wiley College, the first historically African-American college west of the Mississippi (founded 1873).


1. 1842--1924, English economist, author of Principles of Economics (1890)
2. George Catlett. 1880--1959, US general and statesman. He was chief of staff of the US army (1939--45) and, as secretary of state (1947-- 49), he proposed the Marshall Plan (1947), later called the European Recovery Programme: Nobel peace prize 1953
3. John. 1755--1835, US jurist and statesman. As chief justice of the Supreme Court (1801--35), he established the principles of US constitutional law
4. Sir John Ross. 1912--88, New Zealand politician; prime minister (1972)
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A few minutes afterward a belated farmer's boy met a light wagon which was being driven furiously toward the town of Marshall.
As for Marshall, we're all used to him, but he must strike strangers as right down peculiar- looking.
He was a professional fruit grower, devoting his life to producing various apple types including the Marshall Mac.
Just as the Marshall Plan was expansive and ambitious, so, too, must our efforts to eliminate the conditions that give rise to the gang culture.
Marshall argues that people analyzing fish coloration need to consider what fish look like to each other, not to us.
Marshall went to Howard University Law School, a private school founded to educate former slaves, 40 miles away in Washington, D.
This is the view that author Paule Marshall saw in the early 1960s when her cruise ship docked in Grenada, where she was to spend a year conducting research for a novel.
We came out of MTV culture," Stephen Marshall explains.
Marshall doesn't pretend otherwise, but it means that extricating subject matter from aesthetics in these images is all but impossible, though it's precisely the friction between dour subject and ripe picturing that drives them.
This is a well-known characteristic of the radical Islamist threat, yet Marshall has chosen to ignore it.