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(mär`sēəs), in Greek mythology, Phrygian satyr. He found the flute that Athena had invented but had thrown away. He became so skillful with the instrument that he challenged the lyre-playing Apollo to a contest. Apollo accepted on the condition that the victor might do as he would with the vanquished. The Muses, acting as judges, awarded the contest to Apollo. Apollo promptly flayed Marsyas for his presumption. The river Marsyas sprang from his blood or from the tears of his mourners. Among the many statues depicting this event is the Flaying of Marsyas, in the Villa Albani, Rome.
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flute player who challenges Apollo, loses, and is flayed alive for his presumption. [Gk. Myth.: Brewer Dictionary, 588]
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MARshall SYstem for Aerospace Simulation.

A software system for digital simulation of large physical systems.

["MARSYAS - A Software System for the Digital Simulation of Physical Systems", H. Trauboth et al, Proc SJCC, 36 (1970)].
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I thought of Marsyas, whom the god flayed because he had dared to rival him in song.
It seems to me that you are the young Apollo and that I am Marsyas listening to you.
The preferring of Apollo and his instruments to Marsyas and his instruments is not at all strange, I said.
According to Karim Saade, who co-founded Chateau Marsyas and Domaine de Bargylus along with his brother Sandro, new wineries typically begin their productions with entry or mid-range wines before adding high-end wine to their portfolio.
The Saades, who also own Chateau Marsyas in Lebanon's Bekaa Valley, initially traveled to Syria regularly to supervise production.
A chance remark during a discussion in London in 2003 put forward the idea of bringing Anish Kapoor's 590ft Marsyas creation to the Riverside site.
Anish Kapoor's Marsyas installation in the Turbine Hall at Tate Modern in 2002 used a giant PVC membrane, but emerging artists tend to employ it raw, with the manufacturer's markings still visible.
Ruth Rubenstein takes us more directly into the Medici household, discussing the form and history of three representations of Marsyas owned by the family: two life-size marble figures and the famous ancient cornelian of Apollo, Marsyas, and Olympus, today in Naples.
Writing about the current exhibition of Titian's Flaying of Marsyas, which he rightly describes as "almost unendurably painful:' Danto speculates:
When people talk about epiphanies, they often sound like phonies--but the monumental artwork I encountered that day, Anish Kapoor's Marsyas, which dominated the Turbine Hall, certainly had a transformative effect upon me.
Although Chateau Marsyas has 60 hectares of vineyards, their model is not geared toward mass production, explain its co-owners Karim and Sandro Saade.