Martin Bormann

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Bormann, Martin

(bôr`män), 1900–1945, German National Socialist (Nazi) leader. He met Adolf HitlerHitler, Adolf
, 1889–1945, founder and leader of National Socialism (Nazism), and German dictator, b. Braunau in Upper Austria. Early Life

The son of Alois Hitler (1837–1903), an Austrian customs official, Adolf Hitler dropped out of high school, and
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 in 1924 and soon became an important figure in the Nazi party hierarchy. He succeeded Rudolf HessHess, Rudolf,
1894–1987, German National Socialist leader, b. Alexandria, Egypt; son of a German merchant. In 1920 he became an ardent follower of Adolf Hitler and after the Munich "beer-hall putsch" (1923) shared Hitler's imprisonment.
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 in Hitler's inner circle in 1941 after Hess's flight to Scotland. In 1942 he became Hitler's personal secretary. After Hitler's suicide in 1945, Bormann disappeared and was assumed dead. He was tried in absentia at Nuremberg and sentenced to death. Rumors persisted, however, that Bormann had escaped to Argentina. In 1973, after identification of a skeleton unearthed in West Berlin, the West German government declared him dead, a suicide on May 2, 1945.
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Heinrich Himmler, Adolf Hitler and Martin Bormann study a survey map in 1939
His younger colleague, Angelius Thomsen, is the nephew of Hitler's top aide Martin Bormann and a perfect, handsome Teutonic figure.
A New Left rather than New Age travelogue, In Search of Bohr-mann Brazil and Its Consequences refers in its title to the widespread legend that Hitler's secretary, Martin Bormann, escaped to South America, and uses the occasion of the 1975 Sao Paulo Bienal to present Polke and his buddy Blinky Palermo, both of whom had pieces in the show, goofing on the curator and the museum director and generally cutting up--in the museum, on the street, and elsewhere.
Heinrich Himmler was in charge of the terror, Martin Bormann was in charge of the administration, and Joseph Goebbels managed the propaganda, while the talented and ambitious Albert Speer efficiently mobilized all of the remaining economic resources.
But Williams claims Hitler and Braun slipped out of the besieged Fuhrerbunker via a secret tunnel, and were replaced by doubles chosen by Reichsfuhrer Martin Bormann.
Martin Bormann wasn't present in the dock but he must have spent the rest of his miserable life looking over his shoulder after the death penalty was imposed.
Tourism authorities announced that over 300,000 people visited the retreat on the peak of the Kehlstein Mountain, which was built for him as a 50th birthday gift by Nazi party secretary Martin Bormann in 1939, the Daily Mail reported.
In the mid-1940s it was used to commit suicide by Erwin Rommel after being accused of conspiring against Hitler; Adolf Hitler's wife, Eva Braun and by Nazi leaders Joseph Goebbels, Heinrich Himmler, possibly Martin Bormann and Hermann G|ring.
November 20, 1945 Nuremberg trial of Nazis Martin Bormann, Karl Donitz, Hermann Goring and Rudolf Hess were among the 20 of Germany's Nazi leaders on trial in the German city of Nuremberg charged with war crimes.
Martin Bormann was 5ft 7in, with Goering measuring a poor 5ft 6in and Goebbels sliding under at 5ft 5in.
So, Martin Bormann, his right-hand man, decided to tear down everything and put up something grander than the old house.