Martin Schongauer

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Schongauer, Martin


(also Schön Martin). Born between 1435 and 1440 in Colmar, now in France; died Feb. 2, 1491, in Breisach, Baden. German graphic artist and painter.

Schongauer studied in the Netherlands, where he was greatly influenced by Rogier van der Weyden. Schongauer worked in Colmar and Breisach beginning in 1483. He is known for his paintings, including Madonna in a Rose Garden (1473), and especially for his copper etchings, such as The Temptation of Saint Anthony, The Annunciation, Calvary, Madonna in a Courtyard, Peasants Going to Market, and a series of passion scenes. These works are distinguished by expressiveness of form, and several are examples of harmonious, clear composition. Schongauer’s works combine features of the late Gothic and the early Renaissance. They had a significant influence on the masters of the German Renaissance, including A. Dürer.


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Por su parte, la imagen de Cristo en majestad es una fiel imitacion del grabado realizado por Martin Schongauer (ca.
These artists include the sculptors Veit Stoss, who seems to have been both colleague and competitor, and Niclaus Gerhaert von Leiden, the older artist from whom Riemenschneider seems to have learned the most, and the engraver Martin Schongauer, a crucial figure both for his own compositions, which served Riemenschneider as models, and for his role as a disseminator of Rogier van der Weyden's images, which influenced the sculptor profoundly.
With the approach of the end of the fifteenth century, artists such as Martin Schongauer (1450--1491) and Hans Holbein the Elder (1465?
Tan dignos de aprecio son hoy por hoy un grabado en hueco o una xilografia de Martin Schongauer, artista activo en la segunda mitad del siglo XV, como una litografia de Pablo Picasso (1881-1973) o un aguafuerte de Max Beckmann (1884-1950).
There is a fascinating exhibition in the East Section of the National Gallery (through August 6) titled "Imitation and Invention: Old Master Prints and their Sources" in which one can perceive Durer and Rembrandt appropriating to their own ends features from the prints of van Leyden or Martin Schongauer.
1 million and Maria Lactans: TheVirgin and Child Crowned by Angels in a Window Embrasure by Martin Schongauer for pounds 900,000 at the most recent Sotheby's sale of old master paintings.
He quickly also mastered the more sophisticated technique of metal engraving, which was originally favoured by those who had trained as painters or goldsmiths, such as the southern German painter Martin Schongauer (c.
The result was that the thinly painted surfaces seem to glow, almost like oil-stained water--and very much like the art of early masters of oil painting who worked in Holland, Flanders and Germany, such as Martin Schongauer, Quentin Massys and Hieronymus Bosch.
The drawings are: the Holy Family, by Niccolo dell'Abbate; Nicholas Blakey's An Allegory on Poetic Inspiration with Mercury and Apollo; Virgin and infant Christ, adored by St Elizabeth and the infant St John, by Martin Johann Schmidt; and St Dorothy with the Christ Child, by a follower of Martin Schongauer.
Like his compatriots Martin Schongauer and Tilman Riemenschneider, Memling was addicted to the production short-cuts pattern books could provide.