Martin de Porres

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Martin de Porres:

see Porres, Saint Martin dePorres, Saint Martin de
, 1579–1639, Peruvian Dominican lay brother, b. Lima. He was the son of a Spanish soldier and a black freedwoman from Panama. Apprenticed to a barber-surgeon, he later joined a monastery as a tertiary, or lay brother, in Lima and devoted himself
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The Virgen del Cobre listened to our petitions, and Saint Martin of Porres comforted us in our trials.
Mine was fed by the Virgin of Guadalupe, Martin of Porres, meatless Fridays, and the Via Crucis.
It's a story that is told about the Dominican mulatto saint--Saint Martin of Porres. Martin was born the son of a Spanish nobleman and an African freedwoman in 1579 in Lima, Peru.
The catholicity of the church is captured in the entire image of very different creatures, even natural enemies, drinking from the same bowl of soup at the feet of the humble, cultural Martin of Porres. The catholicity of the church, and the reason why I'm Catholic, is, for me, the hope, the promise, and the actual living of a common life together among very different kinds of Catholic Christians, a many-cultural rainbow of God's human creation envisioning a universality, which is more than a homogeneity or even a melting pot of different cultures.
I asked them what name they would like to give the church and without hesitation, they unanimously chose to be called Saint Martin of Porres Lutheran Church.