Martsialnye Vody

Martsial’nye Vody


a balneological and pelotherapy health resort in the Karelian ASSR, 50 km from Petrozavodsk. It was the first health resort in Russia (opened in 1714) and was named in honor of Mars, the god of war and iron. Summers are moderately warm (mean July temperature, 16°C) and winters moderately cold (mean January temperature, from —9° to — 12°C); annual precipitation is 560 mm. Therapeutic means available include mineral waters with the chemical composition (well No. 1-K)

used for bathing and drinking, and Gabozero mud. Treatment is provided for persons with diseases of the circulatory organs, organs of locomotion, gynecological and nervous systems, and the blood. There are sanatoriums and a hydropathic establishment.