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India: see JodhpurJodhpur
or Marwar
, former principality, Rajasthan state, NW India. Except for the eastern section, it is largely an arid wasteland. The principality was founded in the 13th cent. by the Rathor clan of Rajputs and was later a vassal of the Mughal empire.
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The number of people punting while glued to RUK and ATR as the nut brown breakfast egg is served seems sure to grow in the coming weeks, so let's hope Marwar abates and these suggestions come to the boil.
<B Marwar, five, uncle Aram Faraj, Dani, 11, Trifa Sedeeq and Mohammed, 12.
A total of 16 person were trapped after a gas explosion in Pir Ismail, Marwar (45 kilometres from Quetta) around noon.
At Marwar coalmine, which occurred due to accumulation of Methane gas killed 16 miners.
The three Sedeeq siblings Mohammed, aged 12, Dani, aged 11, and Marwar, aged five and their mother, Trifa, fled Iraq in 2015.
This project about 'Poverty Reduction of Desert Communities in the Dry Lands of Western Rajasthan through Integrated Community Based Water Resource Management' is implemented by the Jal Bhagirathi Foundation (JBF) and will focus on reducing the vulnerability of the poor in the water-scarce Marwar Region.
She discussed with them two mine incidents wherein 23 miners lost their lives because of methane gas explosions in Marwar and Sur-range mines.
QUETTA: The Provincial Mining and Mineral Development Departmenton Tuesdayformed a four members committee to investigate Marwar and Surange coal mine accidents that killed 23 coal miners last week.The four members committed headed by Director General Mining Development Muhammad Imran Zarkoon will visit the coal mines where the incidents occurred and will investigate the actual aspect of mines collapse.
PESHAWAR -- The Advisor to Prime Minister and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa PMLN president Amir Muqam Monday expressed solidarity with victimfamilies of coalmine collapsed in Marwar area of Balochistan's Quetta district on Saturday.
QUETTA -- At least twenty-three miners were killed and nine others were rescued after two coalmine collapsed in two separate near Marwar and Sooranj area of Quetta district the other day.
Officials added that sixteen miners were trapped after a blast caused due to gas in Pir Ismail, Marwar on Saturday afternoon.
The discovery of traces of microbial mats on sandstone was made during a visit of a team of geologists from Lucknow University to the Jodhpur sandstone mines near Sursagar in Marwar region.