Chesnut, Mary

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Chesnut, Mary (Boykin Miller)

(1823–86) diarist; born near Camden, S.C. Daughter of a former South Carolina governor, she married James Chesnut, a wealthy planter, defender of slavery, and staunch secessionist; joining the U.S. Senate (Dem., S.C.) in 1859, he resigned in 1860 to lead in forming the Confederacy. He then served with the Confederate army, leaving his wife to write her journal of life on the southern homefront (especially in Richmond, Va., and South Carolina) from 1861–65. First published in 1905 as A Diary from Dixie, it is recognized as a lively and compelling contribution to the literature of the Civil War.
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As the well-educated and socially skilled wife of a prominent Confederate, Mary Boykin Miller Chesnut (1823-86) was ideally situated--and intellectually equipped--to record the narrative of daily life in the Confederacy during the Civil War.