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or Maasai
, a largely nomadic pastoral people of E Africa, chiefly in Kenya and Tanzania. Cattle and sheep form the basis of the economy that they have maintained in resistance to cultural change. The Masai live off the milk, blood, and meat of their livestock.
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While visiting Mombassa, a longing look, a dance and a handful of exchanged words in English are all it takes to persuade Swiss-German tourist Carola (German thesp Nina Hoss) to fall in love with hunky Masai warrior Lemalian (Jacky Ido), from the Samburu tribe.
Villagers welcomed us and a Masai warrior explained their simple, and increasingly threatened way of life.
One occurred after a young Masai warrior in Kenya fought a lion as a test of manhood, and the other happened when an 11-year-old girl in British Columbia was allowed to pet a Bengal tiger at a zoo.
A parade of 35 model painted baby elephants led by Indian dance artists Dance Sansaar and members of the Kenyan Masai Warrior Tribe will launch this 12-day eclectic multi-arts festival.
The female leads are good, but with risible dialogue and bizarre moments like Simpson dancing to the Sex Pistols with a Masai warrior, the nicest thing you can say is that shopping for the jewellery must have been fun.
This is an old trick I learned from a Masai warrior.
But did you know how much Vaseline has been used over the years to stop joggers' nipple, or what Masai warrior runners wear under their robes?
Masai warrior turned 'host with the most' John uses his encyclopaedic knowledge of the landscape to keep us in the know about the strange creatures swarming in the undergrowth.
Firstly there is 26-year-old Gemma who married Masai warrior Lesikar who she met while on a gap-year from her studies at Oxford University.
A Masai warrior is given a stick once he has killed a lion in combat.
With no McDonald's in sight it seemed are only option might be to flag down a passing Masai warrior to catch our dinner.
Assuming you're not desperate to acquire a diamante-encrusted wristwatch, a bale of Egyptian cotton towels or a resin statuette of a Masai warrior, half the channels can be negotiated with the remotecontrol on auto-pilot.