Mashara, Mikhas Antonovich

Mashara, Mikhas’ (Mikhail) Antonovich


Born Nov. 5 (18), 1902, in the village of Toboly, present-day Vitebsk Oblast. Soviet Byelorussian writer. Member of the CPSU since 1943.

Mashara was the son of a poor peasant. He is the author of the poetry collections Sketches (1928), Toward Sunny Shores (1934), Eve of Spring (1935), From Under Thatched Roofs (1937), To Byelorussia (1944), Through Storms (1948), and My Lake Country (1962) and the poems The Death of Kastus’ Kalinovskii (1934) and Mom’s Hill (1936). Mashara has written the novels The Kresy Are Fighting (1966), The Sun Behind the Bars (1968), and Lukishki (1970), about the struggle of the workers of West Byelorussia for their rights. He is also known as a translator. Mashara was awarded two orders and various medals.


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