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(Machine Building), a central publishing house for books and journals of the State Committee for Publishing, Printing, and the Book Trade of the Council of Ministers of the USSR. It publishes scientific, technical, educational, and reference works dealing with the theory, design, installation, manufacture, repair, and operation of machinery and equipment used in various branches of industry, agriculture, and transport. Established in 1964 through the merger of the scientific and technical publishing houses Mashgiz and Oborongiz, it is based in Moscow and has a branch in Leningrad.

In 1972, Mashinostroenie published 890 books, totaling 10,789,000 copies and 148.5 million printed sheets. In addition to books, specifications manuals, and catalogs, it publishes 14 scientific-technical and trade journals, totaling more than 200 issues and 10 million copies annually.


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