a family of Soviet circus artists and variety performers.

Semen Ivanovich Masliukov. Born 1891; died May 5, 1947. Acrobat and clown. Masliukov made his debut in 1905. He performed in various genres, but was particularly successful as a slapstick clown (using the pseudonym Sim). In 1938 he became an acrobatics instructor at the State School of Circus Art. He had three sons—Aleksandr, Leonid, and Dmitrii.

Aleksandr Semenovich Masliukov. Born Feb. 23, 1912, in Lublin. Acrobat and musical slapstick artist (concertina player).

Leonid Semenovich Masliukov. Born Nov. 13, 1913, in Zakataly. Acrobat, teacher, and director. Honored Artist of the RSFSR (1961). Became a member of the CPSU in 1944.

Dmitrii Semenovich Masliukov. Born May 15, 1916, in Georgievsk; died July 2, 1940. Acrobat and clown.

Aleksandr and Leonid gave their first public appearances in 1919, and Dmitrii in 1927. As a group—father, mother, and sons —the Masliukov family demonstrated virtuoso acrobatic tricks. Dmitrii was the first Soviet circus performer to execute a double somersault. In 1937 the Masliukov brothers began appearing on the variety stage, where they performed acrobatics to music. Leonid also appeared as part of a twosome with T. A. Ptitsyna on the variety stage. Since 1961 he has been the artistic director of a variety show studio in Moscow.


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