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Trade name of a brand of tempered pressed board.


A tough, hard, high-density wood; coarse-textured, ranging in color from light tan to pink or brown; used for both decorative and structural and applications, such as framing timbers, flooring, and plywood.


A large class of building boards made from wood particles compressed in a binder; often faced with a veneer.


A wood of a number of species of coniferous evergreens. The two classes, soft pine and hard pitch pine are an important source of construction lumber and plywood.

plastic wood

A paste of wood flour, synthetic resin, and a volatile solvent; used for filling holes and cracks in wood, it dries soon after application.


An engineered panel composed of an odd number of thin sheets permanently bonded together, sometimes faced with a veneer.


A durable, straight-grained, high-strength, low-density softwood; especially resistant to decay and insect attack; light red to deep reddish-brown; used primarily for construction, plywood, and millwork.

rusticated wood

Wood incised in block shapes to resemble rough stone.


A hard, fine-grained, pale to golden yellow wood of the acacia gum tree; used in cabinetwork and decorative paneling.

shiplap siding

Wood sheathing whose edges are rabbeted to make an overlapping joint.


Wood from trees with needles and that produce cones, typically evergreen; includes cedar, cypress, Douglas fir, hemlock, pine, spruce, and tamarack.


A white to light brown or red-brown, straight and even-grained wood; moderately low density and strength; relatively inexpensive; used for general utility lumber.

stressed skin panel

A panel constructed of plywood and seasoned lumber; the simple framing and plywood skin act as a total unit to resist loads.


A dark golden yellow or brown wood with a greenish or black cast, moderately hard, coarse-grained, very durable; immune to the attack of insects; used for construction, plywood, and decorative paneling.


A soft, close-textured durable wood that is yellowish in color; used for millwork and veneer.


A thin sheet of wood that has been sliced, rotary-cut, or sawn from a log; used as one of several plies in plywood for added strength or as facing material on less attractive wood.

white oak

A hard, heavy, durable wood, gray to reddish-brown in color; used for flooring, paneling, and trim.

white pine

A soft, light wood that works easily; does not split when nailed; does not swell or warp appreciably; is widely used in building construction.

yellow pine

A hard resinous wood of the longleaf pine tree, having dark bands of summerwood alternating with lighter-colored springwood; used as flooring and in general construction.


A proprietary name for a widely used commercial hardboard.
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His memory lives on through all his many disciples, with new generations of painters continuing to paint, now mainly on canvas rather than on the masonite ceiling boards, as most of their customers are tourists and visitors to Africa.
Caption: Opposite page: Christina Ramberg, Vertical Amnesia, 1980, acrylic on Masonite, 47 3/4 x 35 5/8".
Caption: "Firemen," latex and tar on tile over Masonite (March 6, 1985).
' Anjolie Ela Menon -- Recent Works' is not only her first exhibition after a gap of five years, it also signals her return to working with oil on masonite after years of experimenting with other materials and mediums.
11 April 2011 - Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Wells Fargo (NYSE:WFC), Deutsche Bank (ETR:DBK) and Royal Bank of Canada (TSE:RY) have served as book-runners for the USD275m (EUR190.5m) senior notes sale of US interior and exterior door maker Masonite International Corp, Thomson Reuters' service IFR reported on Friday.
Her new murals can be moved, since they are painted on Masonite rather than directly on walls.
Nerrivik, by Gina Litherland 1996, oil on masonite, 30" x 24"
The brown-painted case is made of 1-inch pine, and the drawers are bottomed with masonite. The drawers will accommodate specimens up to 1.8 inches tall, and will hold a total of 420 2 x 2-inch specimen trays.
Then they began to use acrylic paints on masonite. This move has accrued its own mythology, recounted in the exhibition.
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