Massachusetts Bay

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Massachusetts Bay,

inlet of the Atlantic Ocean. The bay, with its arms (Boston, Cape Cod, and Plymouth bays), extends 65 mi (105 km) from Cape Ann on the north to Cape Cod on the south. Its coastline varies from the irregular, rocky shore of the north to the sandy beaches of the south. In the War of 1812, the battle between the Chesapeake and the Shannon took place there off Boston Harbor.
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Massachusetts Bay

an inlet of the Atlantic on the E coast of Massachusetts
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The change, assuming things go according to plan, will be $254 million in savings over the next 12 years as the MBTA switches its operating contractor from the Massachusetts Bay Commuter Railroad Co.
This will not only help protect Stellwagen Bank, but will also improve understanding of the entire Massachusetts Bay ecosystem.
Soon SOB, representing residents of the southwestern shore of Massachusetts Bay, joined SWIM.
For years the state has required Paxton to pay a $431,400 yearly assessment to the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority under the assumption the town is serviced by the MBTA.
A vote this week to make public the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority's long-secret pension fund is an important win for open government and common sense.
By most accounts, running the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority's network of subways, buses and commuter rail lines is one of the most lucrative public-transportation contracts in North America, with a value of approximately $1 billion over the next eight years.
MART purchased land from a business park for the layover station, but it was the state's decision to have the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority take the project over, he said.

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