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an urban-type settlement in Crimean Oblast, Ukrainian SSR, 5 km east of Yalta. It is the site of a large grape and wine-making combine of the same name. Massandra is a seaside climatic resort on the southern shore of the Crimea. Therapeutic means include aeroheliotherapy, the grape cure (September to November), and bathing in the sea (June through October).



a vine-growing and wine combine of the Soviet food industry.

The Massandra Combine is a major enterprise for the production of grapes, high-quality grape wines, tobacco, fruits, and other agricultural products. The combine includes sovkhozes located on the south coast of the Crimea. Its principal crop is grapes. The Massandra wineries and sovkhozes turn out 33 brands of wine: strong wines (port, Madeira, and sherry), dessert wines (Tokay, muscat, and Cahors), table wines, and champagne. The wines are outstanding for their bouquet and taste. They have been awarded many medals in international competition.

The Massandra Combine has very old facilities for long-term aging and processing of wine; they were established in 1897. The wineries are equipped with modern mechanized and automated equipment and use advanced technology for highly efficient production. The cellars of the Massandra Combine store over 400,000 bottles of more than 700 varieties of domestic and foreign wines; some of these bottles date back to 1775.


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The Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Industrial and Agrarian Association" Massandra ", which also plans to update the tractors park, was interested in this technique," the head of the department said.
To Amerine, none of the itinerary, which also included reception-laden stops in Tiraspol', Yalta, Massandra, Tsinandali, Tbilisi, Erevan, Krasnodar, and Abrau-Diurso, suggested that his Soviet hosts understood the purpose of his visit--to select wines suitable for sale in the United States.
But the Russian Foreign Ministry tweeted back: "We know what you are doing as well" then bizarrely added: "Dear Theresa, we hope one day you will try Crimea Massandra red wine."
The palaces of tsars, princes, and other grandees were obvious points of interest: the royal palaces at Massandra and Livadia, the Vorontsov Palace in Alupka, Crown Prince Karl-Ludwig's residence in Lemberg.
THEMED HOLIDAYS Ukraine Tour: Travelsphere (0800 191 418) offers an eight-day tour of Yalta/Kiev from May 22 from pounds 924, incl flights into Simferopol and back from Kiev, transfers, half-board accom, two lunches, city tours, wine tasting at Massandra, naval base at Sebastopol and ancient remains of Chersonesus.
UKRAINE: Crimea: 2 [male], 1 [female], Cherson Taurica, Sevastopol [44[degrees]36'N, 33[degrees]31'E] (NHRS); 1 [male], Yalta, Massandra Park [44[degrees]30'N, 34[degrees]11'E], 20 May-19 June 2001, N.
Some 400 lots were auctioned, some of them rare vintages which had lain hidden, entombed in underground tunnels of the Russian Royal Family's Imperial Winery at Massandra in the southern Crimea.
A 1940 Muscat from the Massandra winery in southern Russia has been rated 100 by Robert Parker.
We planned to bring water from Massandra. For this project I had to deal with the city waterworks.
Travelsphere (0800 191 418) offers eight-day tour of Yalta/ Kiev from May 22 from pounds 924, incl flights into Simferopol and back from Kiev, transfers, half-board, two lunches, city tours, wine tasting at Massandra, naval base at Sebastopol and ancient remains of Chersonesus
The sale concludes with some Massandra Crimean wine from the 19th century such as Livadia Red Port, costing some pounds 1,200 to 1,600 per three bottles.