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see MasinissaMasinissa
or Massinissa
, c.238–148 B.C., king of Numidia. He succeeded (c.207 B.C.) his father as king of E Numidia. Brought up in Carthage, he fought in a Carthaginian campaign in Spain in the Second Punic War (see Punic Wars) but eventually went over (c.
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, Massinissa
?238--?149 bc, king of Numidia (?210--149), who fought as an ally of Rome against Carthage in the Second Punic War
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Caption: Massinissa Selmani, Entre le ciel et moi #2 (Between the Sky and Me #2), 2017, graphite and colored pencil on paper, 41 1/2 x 31 1/2".
He could seem to take pride in the fact that Madauros had once been ruled by African kings, Massinissa as well as Syphax, men whose names conjured up a romantic picture of a remote past when African power had been an equal match for that of Rome.
Numidia's greatest monarch, Massinissa, had been a Roman ally in the Second Punic War, but his illegitimate grandson Jugurtha, after killing off a rival heir, incurred the enmity of Rome by seeking to enlarge his inherited kingdom and by killing some Roman merchants in the process.
of the affairs of Massinissa and the Numidians, but that if they did
The text of Dan's tragedy, on the devastating power of envy that caused bloodshed among the heirs of the king of Numidia, Massinissa, and the ruin of their kingdom, was published for the first time, in a critical edition with an English translation by J.
Following the death of the young student Guermah Massinissa at the police headquarters in the hamlet of Beni Douala, and after riots broke out, it took President Bouteflika ten days to respond to the event.
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"Ces memes dossiers seront soumis a la commission nationale des biens culturels relevant du ministere de la culture pour les classer au patrimoine national", a precise, en outre, Massinissa Ourabah.
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On attribue au grand Roi Amazigh de la Numidie, Massinissa, la formule restee celebre : "l'Afrique appartient aux Africains".
A ultima guerra, com que os Romanos derao fim a Carthago, foy quando esta desconcordou com Massinissa confederado com Roma (Corpus do Portugues: Promptuario historico I, Frei Manoel da Mealhada, seculo XVIII).