Master plan

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Master plan

A planning document designed to guide the future development on an entity; may be employed for the construction or remodeling of a building, site planning or access, or for a political jurisdiction indicating proposed land uses.

master plan

A plan, usually graphic and drawn on a small scale but often supplemented by written material, which depicts all the elements of a project or scheme.
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Vann Vat, an urban planning expert, explained that in developed countries a master plan provides an authoritative reference on zoning and infrastructure that developers can use as guidance before drawing up blueprints for their projects or signing contracts.
Also, it has been observed that the lack of a master plan for Ibadan has led to poor roads and drainage networks, challenges of inaccessible and mismatched land use, existence of slums and urban squalor, inadequate provision of social amenities or facilities like potable water supply, electricity, schools, health facilities, and poor solid wastes management.
The master plan also allows for additional residential development to be included in the centre to provide for more housing choice in the future.
All land acquired for master plans are within the Palestinian Authority's "Area A" or "Area B" jurisdictionsand are designated as 'residential', and the average size of each plot consists of a spacious net area of 1,000 meters square, or one dunum.
This reflects in recently produced master plan for Greater Bhiwadi.
Among the draft Master Plan recommendations for implementation in the first year after it's accepted is the establishment of an implementation committee and "a complete overhaul of the town's zoning bylaws and subdivision regulations.
But to accommodate their cultural and financial needs, master plans must be reworked and updated.
A consultant is being sought to carry out the master plan for the expanded Marina Park and once we have selected one, that process will proceed rather quickly," Larson indicates.
I have said previously, to continue to ensure the complex is fit for purpose and delivers for the community going forward, now is the time to have a thoroughly developed strategic master plan to guide development in future years.
Mary Walter, chairwoman of the Master Plan Committee, said the committee and the Planning Board are not required to seek town meeting approval, but because residents have been encouraged to participate in all facets of the plan's development, those responsible for the document believe it is important to have voters' stamp of approval.

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