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I'm proud of the work I've done for MasterCard over the years and I'm particularly pleased with 'Ella Phant'," said Sheridan.
With MasterCard PayPass, consumers no longer need to fumble for cash and coins or swipe a card for purchases.
To use the e-Port cashless payment technology, consumers simply tap their MasterCard PayPass-enabled credit card or device on the e-Port terminal.
It is very exciting to continue our work with MasterCard to further deploy our e-Port technology in major cities across the United States," said Stephen P.
When using MasterCard PayPass on the VeriFone Omni 7000 system, passengers also have the option to enter the tip amount, as well as sign electronically for transactions over $25.
Our Members have told us that they like having credit options for their purchases at Sam's Club and as we continue to focus on how we enhance their experience, the addition of MasterCard is a natural extension of our commitment to meet their needs," said Mark Goodman, Executive Vice President, Marketing, Membership and E-Commerce, Sam's Club.
PIN debit transactions continue to be popular among consumers who want a fast, convenient and safe way to access cash and pay for goods and services all over the world," said Patricia Preston, senior vice president, MasterCard Worldwide.
The New York Giants worked with MasterCard one year ago to install PayPass readers in our food and vendor kiosks, and it has been a huge success," said Rusty Hawley, Vice President of Marketing, New York Giants.
The SSO forms part of a long-running dialogue with the Commission, which started in May 1993 when MasterCard Europe (then Europay International) voluntarily notified the EU Commission of its business arrangements.
To complement the in-person seminars and ensure that business owners all over the world can access the content at times that are convenient for them, MasterCard is also hosting a multipart, online Webinar series.
Supporting NCMEC is a responsibility that MasterCard takes very seriously and we are proud to contribute to their efforts.