Masters and Johnson

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Masters and Johnson,

pioneering research team in the field of human sexuality, consisting of the gynecologist William Howell Masters, 1915–2001, b. Cleveland, and the psychologist Virginia Eshelman Johnson, 1925–2013, b. Springfield, Mo. Authors of Human Sexual Response (1966), Human Sexual Inadequacy (1970), The Pleasure Bond (1975), Homosexuality in Perspective (1979), and (with Dr. Robert Kolodny) Crisis: Heterosexual Behavior in the Age of AIDS (1988), they established (1970) a sex-therapy program in St. Louis that became a model for clinics elsewhere, and trained other therapists in clinical counseling. Masters and Johnson were married from 1971 to 1993. Johnson left the clinic before their divorce; Masters retired in 1994.


See V. Bullough, Science in the Bedroom (1994).

Masters and Johnson

published a study of sexual performance under laboratory conditions. [Sexology: Masters and Johnson Human Sexual Response in Weiss, 214]
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With compelling performances from Michael Sheen and Lizzy Caplan as Masters and Johnson, it's an unmissable treat.
Masters and Johnson medicalized sex in the United States.
By the end of their careers, though, Masters and Johnson were widely discredited.
Masters and Johnson are perhaps best remembered for their early research on the physical changes undergone by the human body during sexual activity, which they dubbed the human sexual response cycle.
Although their marriage was still many years away, Masters and Johnson spent long hours working together.
At any rate, after a long day of observing volunteers having sex in the laboratory, Masters and Johnson would take off their clothes, climb into the laboratory bed, and have sex themselves.
Although their research coincided with the emergence of second-wave feminism, Masters and Johnson vigorously ignored and even repudiated it.
The book chronicles the lives, romance and pop culture status of Masters and Johnson, whose research touched off a sexual revolution.