Masurius Sabinus

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Sabinus, Masurius


Dates of birth and death unknown. Roman jurist of the first century A.D.; a representative of classical Roman jurisprudence.

Sabinus expressed the interests of the large property owners. His supporters and followers constituted one of the leading schools of Roman jurisprudence—the Sabinian school. Along with certain other jurists, Sabinus was granted the right to give official legal interpretations that were binding on the courts. In his main work, Libri tres juris civilis, he treated the basic questions of civil law. Much of Sabinus’ work was incorporated into the Digest.

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Soit il s'agit du commentaire aux Libri tres iuris civilis de Masurius Sabinus, jurisconsulte sabinien de l'epoque de Tibere et Caligula (sur lequel : Amirante, L.
For some of them have stated that the man who celebrated an ovation was accustomed to enter the city on horseback: but Masurius Sabinus says that they entered on foot, followed, not by their soldiers, but by the senate in a body' (397).