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I just wish the matchmakers, or whoever put us together as matches, would at least give us two or three sentence explanations of each match because a lot of them don't make sense," Evan (https://www.
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The alternative to online dating, South Carolina Matchmakers works one-on-one to find the best suited life partner at times when forging a successful relationship has become more challenging than ever.
A woman is accused of posing as a matchmaker to swindle money out of women hoping to find a husband.
It's a serious problem," says a community resident, adding that she believes the rise in the number of singles stems from lack of motivation to turn to matchmakers and dating websites.
Some other matchmakers were found to be holding forged licenses with fake stamps of the Justice Ministry although the ministry does not issue this kind of licenses, sources said, adding that such cases triggered the authorities to move and take measures to protect the public from such actions.
Summary: A woman who posed as a matchmaker to swindle money out of women who were desperate to get married, has been referred by the Public Prosecution to the Court of Misdemeanors on a fraud charge on which she was found guilty.
A matchmaker said that she only charges money by looking at the financial status of her customers.
This shopping-list mentality, coupled with the relentless opportunity for new dates online, is turning dates into job interviews, the matchmakers warn.
Matchmakers loom large in Jewish literature as they did (and still do in the Haredi community) in Jewish life.
The people affected by these bureaus told that some so-called matchmakers operate individually with no office but run big ads on media for publicity.
Online matrimonial websites will not be the end of matchmakers in traditional societies where it is taboo to display the photos of women online for others to view and where background checks are dubious at best, she said.