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yerba maté:

see matématé
, yerba maté
, or Paraguay tea,
evergreen tree (Ilex paraguariensis) of the family Aquifoliaceae (holly family). From ancient times Native Americans and now millions of Argentines and others in South America have made a tea (also
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yerba mate

yerba mate

In the Holly family (yes, Christmas holly) Grows up to 45 feet (15m). Simple shaped leaves with serrated edges. Small greenishwhite 4 petal flowers. Red berry-like fruit. Plant contains caffeine and is used as coffee substitute and aphrodisiac. Steep leaves and twigs in hot (not boiling) water. Similar to green tea, maybe a little more bitter. Very popular in South America. Roasting takes away bitter taste, but also many of the beneficial health compounds of the fresh green plant. Doesn’t cause jitters or nervous energy that coffee does. Used to rejuvenate, detoxify body, fight fatigue and increase health and longevity.
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Sure enough, within seconds of adding chalk and mate tea to the bottom tank, particles began climbing up the channel to contaminate the upper tank.
Some of the buildings have snack bars that were filled with students drinking coffee, mate tea and eating alfajores (chocolate covered Argentinean cookies with creamy centres).
Washington, Jan 24 ( ANI ): Mate tea, which has long been consumed in South America for its medicinal properties, may help prevent colon cancer, a new study has suggested.
With this work, the creation of an orchard with bi-parental progeny is intended, which yields a product with the sensory characteristics similar to the mate from native orchards that are used as source of blends for commercial mate tea.
Nowadays, mate tea has become a popular, refreshing and stimulating beverage that is consumed daily instead of coffee or other types of tea in South American countries.
Founded by refugees from a big tea company--one an evangelist, the other an addict of tee by their own description--the company offers teas that range from the familiar English breakfast tea to chai tea and yerba mate tea.
Yerba mate tea, which is derived from yerba mate plants that naturally contain caffeine as well as other natural stimulants, is a popular choice.
Baltimore-based Bombilla & Gourd has introduced USDA certified organic, ready-to-drink mate tea.
Two dark chocolate bars are also offered, one infused with Mate tea and Star Anise; and the other a mid-range dark chocolate with Green Earl Grey tea and Bergamot.
culture in many forms, from the Argentine tango to the mate tea from Uruguay.