materials handling

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materials handling

[mə′tir·ē·əlz ‚hand·liŋ]
The loading, moving, and unloading of materials.

Materials handling

The loading, moving, and unloading of materials. The hundreds of different ways of handling materials are generally classified according to the type of equipment used. For example, the International Materials Management Society has classified equipment as (1) conveyor, (2) cranes, elevators, and hoists, (3) positioning, weighing, and control equipment, (4) industrial vehicles, (5) motor vehicles, (6) railroad cars, (7) marine carriers, (8) aircraft, and (9) containers and supports. See Materials-handling equipment

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The proximity to these structures made methods like implosion impossible, says Bailes, so the silos and conveyors had to be taken down manually, piece by piece with a fleet of material handling equipment affixed with specialized demolition attachments, such as multi-processors, grapples, hammers and shears.
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