Maternity Home

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Maternity Home


in the USSR, an establishment providing qualified medical care to women during pregnancy, childbirth, and puerperium. Treatment of gynecologic ailments is available, as is medical care for newborns from the moment of birth until discharge.

The maternity home is one of the basic links in the system of obstetric care. Sick women and newborns are isolated from those who are in good health. Gynecologic consultation is available, and there is a hospital. The principal departments of the hospital are reception and registration, the physiological obstetrics department, the department for pathological pregnancies, the observation obstetrics department (for pregnant women with infectious diseases), and a gynecologic department. Rooms for newborns are located in both of the obstetrics departments.

In order to lower maternal and infant mortality, special maternity homes have been established for women anticipating premature birth and women suffering from cardiovascular disease, diabetes, or Rh-incompatibility. Kolkhoz maternity homes, which are maintained and supported by kolkhozes, have been set up for women with presumably normal pregnancies.


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Armagh was the only maternity home run exclusively by the PCC after the United Church was formed in 1925.
The loan will serve the new With Friends Residential Maternity Home in Gaston County, N.
All proceeds will go toward the Yoletchka Children's Home, the Malukta Maternity Home and the Alyonka Children's Home.
Defensive towards the doctor's attempts at dismantling the traditions of childbirth, Miss Babineau calls the Maternity Home "one of those butcher shops they calls a hospital.
The short service of thanksgiving for the brief life of Jennifer Jane at St Bryce Church was held less than a mile away from the maternity home in Kirkcaldy, Fife, where she was born.
5 million at Daharki, where Engro has previously constructed a Maternity Home.
Kunzel opens with a history of the maternity home movement, which includes the philosophy and achievements of the founders.
Kunzel acknowledges that maternity home applicants may have been telling the stories they thought their interviewers wanted to hear; but she argues convincingly that their use of formulaic tales of seduction and abandonment also contained its own class-specific meanings.
Hidden behind the doors of a maternity home, subject to the therapy of social workers, the white unmarried pregnant woman could become whole again only by recognizing the sickness of her behavior.
The Alpha House of Tampa is a licensed maternity home providing residential services to pregnant women, foster care teens, young mothers and their children, including victims of sexual abuse, assault or exploitation.
The PHC sources disclosed that the PHC teams sealed 26 businesses which included 19 general quacks, four fake dentists and one each laboratory, hakeem and maternity home.
According to a press release issued here on Wednesday, the PHC teams during the last two days had sealed 24 businesses which included 19 general quacks, two homeopaths and one each fake dentist, maternity home and bonesetter.