Maternity Home

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Maternity Home


in the USSR, an establishment providing qualified medical care to women during pregnancy, childbirth, and puerperium. Treatment of gynecologic ailments is available, as is medical care for newborns from the moment of birth until discharge.

The maternity home is one of the basic links in the system of obstetric care. Sick women and newborns are isolated from those who are in good health. Gynecologic consultation is available, and there is a hospital. The principal departments of the hospital are reception and registration, the physiological obstetrics department, the department for pathological pregnancies, the observation obstetrics department (for pregnant women with infectious diseases), and a gynecologic department. Rooms for newborns are located in both of the obstetrics departments.

In order to lower maternal and infant mortality, special maternity homes have been established for women anticipating premature birth and women suffering from cardiovascular disease, diabetes, or Rh-incompatibility. Kolkhoz maternity homes, which are maintained and supported by kolkhozes, have been set up for women with presumably normal pregnancies.


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Nurse Andrews did things differently in the 1950s * CHRISTMAS JOY: Nurses with babies at the Princess Royal Maternity Home at Christmas 1948.
The loan will serve the new With Friends Residential Maternity Home in Gaston County, N.C.
The women were then taken to specially-commandeered maternity homes around Germany, where their children were eventually taken away from them and given to families deemed socially acceptable.
Through welfare projects such as free snake bite treatment; free eye camps; installation of hand water pumps; construction of maternity home, schools, sports stadium, educational scholarships and regular grants for local health centre, Engro has made a sizeable contribution towards the welfare of the inhabitants of this area.
The emergence of the Children's Bureau in 1912 and the growth of Community Chest financing of maternity homes greatly increased the power of social workers to influence maternity home policy once controlled by evangelical women.
The author links the transfer of power within the maternity home to the reconfiguration of illegitimacy in the twentieth century.
However, the resurgence in the 1980s of evangelical maternity homes sponsored by the religious right, Charles Murray's infamous suggestion that unwed mothers should be placed in public poorhouses, and actual "bridefare" programs that reward AFDC recipients who marry and penalize those who give birth to additional children while unmarried, all belie that comfortable belief.
MANGHOPIR Maternity Home located behind Trans Lyari Park has fallen on hard days because of mismanagement and a paucity of funds.
Dr Huria said that five maternity hospitals were working under KMC and the midwifery school in Sobhraj Maternity Home was established in 1979 to provide two year's training to students.
In Lahore, Mumtaz Clinic and Maternity Home, Dilshad Clinic, Aamir Clinic and First Aid Centre, Asif Dental Clinic and Asim Medical Store were closed down.