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A popular symbolic mathematics and graphics system, developed in 1988 by Stephen Wolfram and sold by Wolfram Research. The language emphasises rules and pattern-matching. The name was suggested by Steve Jobs.

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Usenet newsgroup: news:comp.soft-sys.math.mathematica.

["Mathematica: A System for Doing Mathematics by Computer", Stephen Wolfram, A-W 1988].
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Mathematical software for Windows, Mac and Linux from Wolfram Research, Inc., Champaign, IL ( Launched in 1988, Mathematica includes numerical, graphical and symbolic computation capabilities, all linked to the Wolfram functional programming language. With more than 6,000 functions, Mathematica supports 64-bit memory addressing and 64-bit long number partitioning. It also supports threading of numerical linear algebra over multiple CPUs and multicore processors. See functional programming and WolframAlpha.

Wolfram Competition
At its technology conferences, the company invites attendees to submit examples of "One-Liners," which are small amounts of Wolfram code that produce amazing results. Two of the 2018 winners follow:

 ["eye iris","Images",MaxItems->120],

The Eyes Have It
David DeBrota's 127 characters of Wolfram code searched the Web for "eye iris" and returned this image. (Image courtesy of Wolfram Research.)


Abstract Art
Jon McLoone, Director of Wolfram's Technical Communication and Strategy produced the GIF above with 68 characters of Wolfram code. The original is actually an extremely long animated GIF that generates 50 unique frames before repeating. (Image courtesy of Wolfram Research.)
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Para sus desarrolladores Wolfram Research Inc, Mathematica es un sistema para "hacer matematica por computadora".
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Content creators generate CDF documents through the Mathematica software, though the company will also offer online authoring tools as well.
Using Mathematica students were able to visualise Fourier series of functions and explore Gibbs phenomenon which is usually a part of college mathematics.
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