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mathematical modelling in areas spanning the usual physical
In the senior subjects, mathematical modelling is a feature of both General Mathematics (for example, in Unit 3) and Mathematical Methods (also Unit 3) (ACARA, 2017).
The global burden of tuberculosis mortality in children: A mathematical modelling study.
Mathematical modelling offers numerous opportunities to find solutions
A justification for mathematical modelling experiences in the preparatory classroom.
Thus the intention appears to be that mathematical modelling is an important part of the curriculum.
Mads Kaern led a team that has used mathematical modelling to devise strategies for making cancer cells exquisitely sensitive to virus infection while killing them without affecting normal, healthy cells.
on Mathematical Modelling (5th: 2011: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia & Manila) Ed.
Smart structures; physical behaviour, mathematical modelling and applications.
Results from mathematical modelling of the electric field of the medium voltage 3phases enclosing pipe 6AYKCY 3x70/16 are introduced within this chapter.
Combining mathematical modelling and sophisticated statistical analysis, quantitative theory tests hypotheses and derives principles for political behavior.
After the Opening Ceremony, the Minister viewed the poster presentation from the Mathematical Modelling Challenge.

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