Mathurin Régnier

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Régnier, Mathurin


Born Dec. 21, 1573, in Chartres; died Oct. 22, 1613, in Rouen. French poet.

Régnier continued the traditions of Rabelais and C. Marot. He was influenced by the Pléiade and by F. de Malherbe. His chief work, the Satires (1608–13), depicts French society at the turn of the 17th century. The satires combine realism and sharp social and psychological observations with philosophic, moral, and ethical generalizations. They influenced the classical satires of Boileau and La Fontaine and, to an extent, the plays of Molière.


Oeuvres complétes. Paris, 1958.
In Russian translation:
In Poety frantsuzskogo Vozrozhdeniia. Leningrad, 1938.


Vipper, lu. B. Formirovanie klassitsizma vo frantsuzskoi poezii nachala 17 v. Moscow, 1967.
Vianey, J. M. Régnier. Paris, 1896.
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His translations of the Psalms (1591, 1598, 1603) were attacked by Francois de Malherbe and vigorously defended by the poet Mathurin Regnier, Desportes's nephew.