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I also found that the official website of the NASA International Space Station's experiments are carried out using Matroshka (also called Phantom) which is a mannequin that has been used to study cosmic radiation dose that relate to the health of space travelers on long-duration missions.
Charges were brought against Janysh Bakiev in absentia in matroshka (nesting doll) case, the chief of the Interior Ministry main investigation bureau said at the working meeting of President Otunbaeva with chiefs of law enforcement and security agencies today.
Matroshka also contains radiation sensors throughout, and tubes filled with actual blood cells.
To learn how these bursts of energy from the sun might damage living cells, researchers are bombarding Matroshka with positively charged particles called protons.
Like the Matroshka dolls of Eastern Europe, the Nesting Kutztown Memory Boxes offer hours of pleasure for children, their parents, and teachers.
At a nearby table, parishioner Betsy Letzo displayed wares imported directly from Russia, such as hand-painted boxes, matroshka dolls made of wood, ornamental eggs and lacquered wooden dinnerware reminiscent of the era when Czar Nicholas Romanov reigned.
Innocent Orthodox Church in Tarzana said the heat might have been keeping customers from buying her wares - religious icons, crafts and matroshkas, dolls hand made in Russia.
Above, matroshkas from Russia are on display for sale.