Matrosov, Vladimir

Matrosov, Vladimir Evgen’evich


Born Oct. 15, 1928, in Leningrad. Soviet sculptor.

Matrosov studied at the V. I. Surikov Art Institute in Moscow from 1946 to 1952. His works at the Iu. A. Gagarin Air Force Academy in Monino include portraits of A. V. Kovalevskii (Academy Museum, plaster of paris, 1958-59), Ia. I. Alksnis (concrete, 1965), P. I. Baranov (concrete, 1965), and K. V. Maslov (concrete, 1965). Matrosov’s portraits of K. E. Tsiolkovskii, N. I. Kibal’chich, F. A. Tsander, and S. P. Korolev (all four— plaster of paris, 1967) are at the Main Headquarters of Rocket Forces. The sculptor also did a monument to V. I. Lenin (granite, 1963-63) in Anadyr’. He participated in the design of the monument complex to the heroes of the battle of Stalingrad at the Mamaev Burial Mound in Volgograd (1963-67; Lenin Prize, 1970). Matrosov has been awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labor.