Matrosov Air Brake

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Matrosov Air Brake


an air brake for railroad rolling stock.

The basic device of the brake is an air distributor designed by I. K. Matrosov. The new type of air distributor was proposed in 1926 and was noteworthy for its original design (as compared with the Kazantsev air distributor) and valuable operational properties. Since 1931 the Matrosov air brake has been installed in the brake systems of new freight cars and locomotives. Since 1952 an air distributor for use on long and heavy trains has been manufactured. This distributor features an easy stepless brake release combined with a stepped release. Such a scheme improves the controllability of a moving train. Since 1959 freight cars and locomotives have been converted to an improved air distributor of the Matrosov type. This brake is comparatively light and has great sensitivity and simplicity of control.


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