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dispatched Navy vessels to protect supply lines to Taiwan and several Air Force contingents to defend the skies over Kinmen and Matsu. In total, an estimated 440 soldiers under KMT command died defending Taiwan in the conflict.
Chen Teng-chin, the head of Yilan County's Environmental Protection Bureau, contended, however, that none of the sites being studied in Kinmen and Matsu are suitable for a permanent waste disposal site because of the small scale of their rock beds.
Matsu's biology classroom had a full kitchenette in the back and we was all supposed to show up early to make musubis to sell at the school's annual holiday craft fair.
The activists said they are trying to bring the statute of Matsu, the goddess of the sea, to the island so people can go there and worship.
On July 7, residents of Matsu, a cluster of islands northwest of Taiwan, voted in a referendum to host casino resorts.
Taipei, July 10, 2012 (CENS)--Following the passage for gambling business in a referendum in the offshore island of Matsu, the Executive Yuan (the Cabinet) resolved yesterday (July 9) to put gambling business under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MOTC), which will oversee the development of leisure and tourism business in offshore islands.
Takako Matsu (right) calmly states her case above the classroom din: two of her 13-year-old pupils killed her little girl, but the law has no power to punish them.
Whatever happened to Quemoy and Matsu? Fifty years ago--in October, 1960--the destiny of these Chinese islands was hotly discussed during the Kennedy-Nixon presidential debates.
After recounting the development of aerial reconnaissance as a primary source of intelligence, he details Eisenhower's critical role in using aerial reconnaissance and its legacy and impact on national security, with discussion of his backing of the U-2's development and its use to dispel the bomber gap, provide data on Soviet missile and nuclear efforts, and deal with crises in the Suez, Lebanon, Tibet, Indonesia, East Germany, and the Quemoy and Matsu Islands.
Unal Matsu, a Turkish retired gendarmerie officer who is working as a security guard in Monterrey town of northern California, USA, said that he talked to Cem Garipoglu, the suspect of the killing of Munevver Karabulut.
He is survived by his companion of 25 years, Matsu Bowers; a stepdaughter, Chiisai Esposito of Fitchburg; three step-grandchildren, Gina and Edward Esposito and Amanda Baker; and two step-great-grandchildren, Tayla and Dominic Caissey, both of whom were also his Godchildren.