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matte, mat, matt

A surface finish which is dull, with little or no gloss or sheen, and with low light reflectivity.
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This accomplished, he pried gently and carefully, loosening the jaws a bit at a time, while Matt, a bit at a time, extricated White Fang's mangled neck.
"Matt, how much is a good sled-dog worth?" Scott asked.
"I've watched Coronation Street since I was little."Danni, who is due in November, says she wishes Kym, a mum of three herself, would help Matt face up to his responsibilities.
Matt knew the buck was continually using the area he was hunting, but the beast simply refused to show himself in shooting hours.
So when Kev was hit by an armed Land Cruiser and badly hurt, Matt paid more than PS5,000 to airlift him 3,000 miles to the UK, then another PS6,000 in vet bills and quarantine.
Matt took up landscape photography as a hobby in 2006 and less than a decade later now has letters after his name.
Bruce, an avid runner, and Matt's longtime friend Jennifer M.
Several car dealers and companies across Bahrain provide services to personalise cars with a matt finish, especially luxury and high-end cars.
Matt Tomney hopes revolutionary proton beam therapy at a clinic in Florida will prevent him going blind.
Aside from revealing the official winner of the contest, Matt also issued a few interesting headlines for all lumber enthusiasts during the announcement.
Matt, famous for being the first man to film on the summit of Everest and return alive, is this year giving up his time to support and mentor talented young writers at the school.
IT was Matt's second day back at work after the Christmas break and he was rushing to get ready because he'd woken up late - as usual.