Matte Box

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Matte Box


a device attached to a movie camera consisting of a light shade and filter holder.

The matte box protects the lens from extraneous light and makes it possible to mount several filters and optical attachments in front of the lens.


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We didn't have time to use a matte box and filters, because we were filming during our clients' normal workday.
All the front elements are an identical size, 114mm, which is incredibly helpful and time-efficient when using a clip-on matte box.
'When you're acting to a piece of sticky tape on the matte box of a camera rather than a real person and its supposed to be the first time you've seen someone come back from the dead, I find that difficult.'
The AJA Cion also has the option of a bottom bracket so you can mount bars for your matte box. AJA manufactures a set of purpose-built bull bars for hand-held operation.
The new CINE-SERVO lens features high 4K optical performance throughout the broad focal length of 17mm to 120mm within its compact and lightweight body, a three-group inner focus system to help minimize focus breathing and provide a stable angle of view, an 11-blade iris to help achieve creative depth-of-field manipulation and natural "bokeh" background, user-friendly design features, support for matte boxes, follow focus and other accessories, and rugged reliability.
Common in professional film making and popular among HDSLR users, rails provide the means to install matte boxes (and the use of graduated filters), shoulder mounts, custom handle rigs, flags, ring lights and so much more.
You can easily customise URSA Mini with high quality cinema lenses, rails, matte boxes and more.
High-end jobs don't tend to be shot with SLR lenses as they aren't designed for intensive use; they breathe more, and aren't designed to be used in conjunction with gear such as follow focuses or matte boxes.