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matte, mat, matt

A surface finish which is dull, with little or no gloss or sheen, and with low light reflectivity.
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DeVita, who has worked with Matten for more than two decades, especially praises her colleague's dedication to storytelling.
Additional research by Matten and Moon (2008) determined transnational linkages were important drivers of CSR reporting.
Some of the issues associated with deontological theory include difficulties in turning individual intentions into rules, difficulty in identifying individual intentions, establishing universal test for the rules, ignoring the consequences of actions in all cases, and ignoring the emotional basis for decisions and feelings (Beauchamp, Bowie & Arnold, 2009; Crane & Matten, 2010; Thiroux & Krasemann, 2009).
Pero ademas, desde la teoria institucional se logran dos tipos de estudios: los que tratan la institucionalizacion de la RSE en su proceso practico, y aquellos referidos a la forma en que la RSE es afectada por las instituciones formales e informales de cierto entorno (Bondy, Moon y Matten, 2012; Cabrera, 2016).
Corporate social responsibility is an ambiguous and complex umbrella term of contested meaning (Matten & Moon, 2008).
Younis Khan, Ajmal Mohammad, Shakeel Mohammad, Ghulam Ghous Shafiq, Sardar Mustafa Khan, Sardar Sajid Swar khan, Ramzan Khan, Zaheer Hanif, Khalid Hamid, Imran Mohammad, Ansar Mohammad, Kamran Mohammad, Azam Khan, Rashid Mohammad, Masood Mohammad, Sohail Ajmal, Mohsin Shafiq, Ahsan Shafiq, Hussnain Shakeel, Shayan Shakeel, Farid Mohammad, Zulfiqar Ali, Shahid Zulfiqar, Abdul Matten, Raja Mukhtar Ahmed, Sardar Wajid Sawar.
Van Der Matten revealed 95 cases (59%) with complete concordance (Category 1), which is higher than both studies quoted above; 29% showed relevant additional information.!11!
Matten, Dirk y Moon, Jeremy (2008), " "Implicit" and "explicit" CSR: A conceptual framework for a comparative understanding of corporate social responsibility", Academy of Management Review, vol.
Bypassing the often debated questions of whether, how, and when China might replace the US as world hegemon, Matten explores how China's efforts to reposition itself in a rapidly globalizing world are influenced by the ambition to restore tenets of traditional political though, a phenomenon that he says can only inadequately be interpreted as a return to the past where sinocentric empire claimed to rule all-under-heaven.
Planning officer Christine Matten said the plan for 43 flats and four shops is a reduction of a previous scheme for 56 homes and five business units.