Matthew Flinders

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Matthew Flinders
BirthplaceDonington, Lincolnshire, England
Royal Navy Ships Officer

Flinders, Matthew,

1774–1814, English naval captain and hydrographer, noted for his charting and coast surveys of Australia and Tasmania. From 1795 to 1799 and again from 1801 to 1803 he made valuable maps and charts of the water and coasts, circumnavigating both Australia and Tasmania. He is said to have been the first to perceive and correct compass errors caused by iron ships. He wrote A Voyage to Terra Australis (1814). Sir William Matthew Flinders Petrie was his grandson.


See biography by J. D. Mack (1966); study by M. Colwell (1970).

Flinders, Matthew


Born Mar. 16, 1774, in Donington, Lincolnshire; died July 19, 1814, in London. English explorer of Australia.

In 1797–98, Flinders circumnavigated Tasmania with G. Bass on the Norfolk, establishing that it was an island. From 1801 to 1803, on the Investigator, he explored and mapped the southern coast of Australia and discovered Spencer Gulf, the Gulf of Saint Vincent, Yorke Peninsula, and some coastal islands, including Kangaroo Island, which had been discovered somewhat earlier by a French expedition under N. Baudin. In 1802, Flinders explored the eastern and northern coasts of Australia; he plotted the Great Barrier Reef and made a survey of the Gulf of Carpentaria. In 1814 he proposed that the continent be called Australia instead of New Holland.

A number of geographical features have been named after Flinders, including an island off Tasmania; a bay in the Indian Ocean; a passage and reefs in the Great Barrier Reef; and, in Australia, a mountain range, a river, a city, a bay, and the settlement of Flinders Bay, in the southwest.


A Voyage to Terra Australis, vols. 1–2 (with atlas). London, 1814.


Svet, la. M. Istoriia otkrytiia i issledovaniia Avstralii i Okeanii. Moscow, 1966.
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Since arriving in the colony he and Matthew Flinders had spent their spare time investigating this coast to Wollongong in Bass's imported row boat Tom Thumb and another called the Tom Thumb II.
The last five years have seen a sudden outpouring of books celebrating the French expedition to the great South Land and the meeting in 1802, in what is now called Encounter Bay, of the French expedition under the command of the ill-starred Nicolas Baudin, who would die of tuberculosis at Mauritius on the way home, and the British ships, commanded by the young, ambitious, and equally ill-starred Matthew Flinders, who would spend seven years on Mauritius before the rabidly anti-British governor allowed him to return to England.
On the afternoon of 17 February 1803, Captain Matthew Flinders rounded Cape Wilberforce at the northeastern corner of Arnhem Land, his quest to extend the English story of the discovery of Australia.
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The task of surveying the region was, for a man such as Matthew Flinders (another of McCalman's subjects) a daunting task: the 'isolation and mental strain' placed on 18th- and 19th-century survey captains led to breakdowns and even suicides.
In 1797 Matthew Flinders was sent to rescue the survivors of Sydney Cove, which had run aground between an island named for saving their lives Preservation Island--and Rum Island where 7,000 gallons of the ships' cargo was stowed.
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The book takes readers on a journey around the coast of Victoria and New South Wales to features named or described by James Cook, Matthew Flinders, George Bass and other early explorers.
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