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, matzoh, matza, matzah
a brittle very thin biscuit of unleavened bread, traditionally eaten during Passover



(Unleavened Bread) thin wafer of unleavened dough; Jews eat matzos during Passover instead of leavened bread, which is prohibited at that time.

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According to Sykes and Matza (1957), in order to deviate people must have access to a set of rationalizations or neutralizations that allow them to reduce the guilt they feel about violating social norms.
Frente a esta postura, Matza (2014) propone el concepto de deriva, entendido como proceso que conduce laxamente a la infraccion pero no la determina, en sentido estricto.
(1.) The following headline examples are all taken from the website of the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI): "Syrian Author Muhammad Nimr Al-Madani on Iranian TV: 'In Many Countries, the Jews Kill People and Mix Their Blood with the Matza of Zion' " (September 8, 2010); "Lebanese Writer [Sana Kojok]: 'Jews Make Passover Matzah with the Blood of Non-Jews' " (March 29, 2013); "Former Hamas Official [Dr.
Reconciliation is also at the heart of 'After the Silence', a powerful documentary that revisits the story of Jenin suicide bomber Shadi Tobassi, whose detonation at the Arab-owned Matza Restaurant in Haifa killed 15 people including Dov Chernobroda, an architect who worked his entire life to bring peace between Palestine and Israel.
As explained by Sykes and Matza (1957) in what they termed neutralizing techniques, a pedestrian may cross a road, fully aware of his/her fatigued state.
Survivors include four daughters, Linda Matza of Florida, Debbie Wallace of Colorado Springs, Colo., Valarie Cook of Hermiston, and Lisa Ann Rhodes of Cottage Grove; a son, Brian Cobb of Colorado Springs; two sisters, Dorothy Thompson of Cottage Grove and Betty Smith of Alaska; a brother, Bill Hinkson of California; 11 grandchildren and 15 great-grandchildren.
Tur-Sinai states: "Motza may be from matza, to find, rather than yatza, to come forth." (5) In short, there is a place for a treasure of gold, silver, copper, and sapphire: Its rocks are a source of sapphires, It contains gold dust too (v.
Targets who consciously declined to participate in the research did so for one of two reasons: denial of responsibility (Sykes and Matza, 1957) or strategic reticence.
In his now-dated, but still highly relevant work, David Matza (1969) argues for the importance of qualitative research in studying deviant behavior.
The keynote session, Tuesday, June 27, "A Global Outlook for Plastics Recycling," will feature Mike Biddle of MBA Polymers, Mark Matza of Fortune Plastic & Metal Midwest and Robert Render of Maine Plastics, who will field questions from moderator Brian Taylor, Recycling Today's editor, and session attendees in an interactive roundtable format.