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see MatildaMatilda
or Maud,
1102–67, queen of England, daughter of Henry I of England. Henry arranged a marriage for her with Holy Roman Emperor Henry V, and she was sent to Germany, betrothed, and five years later (1114) married to him.
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, queen of England.
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a motorized sailing ship used on R. Amundsen’s polar expedition.

The Maud was built in Norway in 1917. It was 29.8 m long, 10.6 m wide, and had a displacement of approximately 800 tons. In 1918–20, Amundsen sailed on the Maud through the northern sea route (northeast passage), making two winter stopovers. In 1922–24, the Maud drifted from Wrangel Island to the Novosibirsk Islands. A bay along the northeastern shore of the Taimyr Peninsula was named Mod after the Maud.

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When a week had gone by, and still the improvement was maintained, Maud felt that she might now look upon it as permanent.
Before the end of the day Maud knew the whole passage by heart.
An hour after her first perusal of Dr Cupid's advice, Maud had begun to act upon it.
Then with a bound he leaped between Lady Maud and the gate, so that she could not retreat into the garden and give the alarm.
It seemed that when the Lady Maud had not returned to the palace with Prince Richard at the proper time, the Queen had been notified and an immediate search had been instituted--a search which did not end for over twenty years; but the first fruits of it turned the hearts of the court to stone, for there beside the open postern gate lay the dead bodies of Lady Maud and a certain officer of the Guards, but nowhere was there a sign or trace of Prince Richard, second son of Henry III of England, and at that time the youngest prince of the realm.
The first theory, of assassination, was quickly abandoned when it was subjected to the light of reason, for it was evident that an assassin could have dispatched the little Prince at the same time that he killed the Lady Maud and her lover, had such been his desire.
Me and Blanche were coming home just now, and we saw her and Tom widing down the hill on his sled, and then he dwagged her ever so far!" cried Maud, with her mouth full.
"Let the child do it if she likes, and take Maud with her.
She had been much amazed, only the day before, to hear Maud say to her mother, "Mamma, must I have a beau?
Wolf Larsen looked savagely at the vessel, while Maud Brewster was curious.
"Their innate sense of right has been violated," Maud Brewster said, joining the conversation.
"There are in you all powers for good," was Maud Brewster's answer.