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Dobb, Maurice Herbert


Born July 24, 1900, in London. British Marxist economist. Professor at Cambridge University; member of the editorial board of Marxism Today,the theoretical publication of the Communist Party of Great Britain. Honorary doctor of science of several universities of socialist countries. Creatively developing Marxism, Dobb studies problems of planning and rational economic management, commodity production and the market, the development of postwar capitalism, and the economies of the developing countries. His monograph The Development of the Soviet Economy From 1917, which he published on the 50th anniversary of the Soviet government, is the result of many years of scholarly research.


Studies in the Development of Capitalism. London, 1946.
On Economic Theory and Socialism. London, 1956.
Wages. London, 1956.
An Essay on Economic Growth and Planning. London, 1960.
Capitalism Yesterday and Today. New York, 1962.
Soviet Economic Development Since 1917. New York, 1967.
In Russian translation:
Ekonomicheskii rost i slaborazvitye strany. Moscow, 1964.
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